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Pretreatment is the key starting point of any paint finishing system to give excellent coating results.

JP Engineering has an in-house process engineering experience to study each variable involved in the process of producing parts at the customer’s end and offer the best solutions. The choice of DIP / SPRAY or Number of stages is based on multiple variables such as:

  • 1
    Incoming soil load
  • 2
    Production capacity desired
  • 3
    Available space
  • 4
    Results of physical & chemical coating
  • 5
    Corrosion during storage
  • 6
    Entrapped soil in welding and fabrication
  • 7
    Energy consumption
  • 8
    Initial cost & running cost
  • 9
    Size and shape variables
  • 10
    Type of base metal, environmental, pollution norms
  • 11
    Manpower resources, material handling methods etc.

Type of Pretreatment We use

(Cleaning / Phosphating / Chromate Conversion Coating)

Transporter wagons or electrical monorail systems, or electrical hoists design the Dip Pretreatment prior to paint / powder coating. This transfer system moves the substrate through series of Pretreatment chemicals, rinse tanks to achieve desired Zn / Fe /Chromate conversion coating protection of Ferrous / Non Ferrous / Plastic Materials.

Spray Type Conveyorised Pretreatment plants are designed to achieve desired Zn / Fe / Chromate conversion coating for higher production volumes.

An overhead conveyor transfers from the stages to the parts that are placed on Jig/Hanger. Jigs are designed carefully to avoid shadow effects and ensuring spray jet exposure. The chemicals or rinse water is sprayed through nozzles placed at specific intervals over spray rinses.

The volume of chemicals sprayed is based on spray densities specified by chemical suppliers for a specific time & temperature exposure.
An Indirect heating system heats the Spray tanks, normally centralized hot water or thermic fluid boilers.

The tanks and tunnel piping are critically designed & insulated to avoid heat losses.


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