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Liquid Paint

JP Engineering supplies complete Electro-Deposition Lines which offers full coverage for complex parts, unsurpassed film uniformity, recovery efficiencies up to 96%, highly Automated lines with high productivity and lower maintenance / operating costs.

JP Engineering Process Engineering Team has vast experience in designing and commissioning more than 30 Electro-Deposition Lines.

Types Of Plants- Conveyorised / Dunk :

The advantages of CED coating are as follows :

  • 1
    Fully automatic operation, including the facility of controlling film thickness.
  • 2
    Uniform Coating.
  • 3
    Better coverage in box and interior surfaces.
  • 4
    Deposition of film of comparable thickness on the inner and outer surfaces of box section.
  • 5
    Good coverage of sharp corners.
  • 6
    Better penetration between spot welded surfaces.
  • 7
    No runs and sag.
  • 8
    No solvent boil.
  • 9
    Micron dry film build-up.
  • 10
    Better chip resistance.
  • 11
    Better corrosion resistance.
  • 12
    Nearly 100% paint utilization because of a closed loop system.
  • 13
    Superior in anti-pollution, safety, health hazard.

Types of Liquid Paint we use

Dry Filter Booths

These are used for low production rate are usually fitted with either manually clean recycle steel baffle filters or disposable filter pads. The spray booth can have additional accessories like lift tables, scissor lifts, hydraulic platforms, rotating tables, Illuminations ( non-flame proof, explosion proof), exhaust dampers, exhaust ducting. Specially designed filter fitment allows quick removal with minimum effort and faster cleaning/replacements. Booth Wall panels are recommended to be sprayed with a strippable coating.

Water Wash Type Spray Booths

For processing surface areas in excess of 60 sq met/hr manual operation, this is the most suitable choice. This has specially designed venture to capture over-sprayed paint particles through air whirling and water wash. In addition, exhaust chamber has double water wash to prevent over-sprayed paint escaping into the atmosphere. Accessories like lift tables, scissor lifts, hydraulic platforms, rotating tables, illuminations ( non-flame proof, explosion proof), exhaust dampers, exhaust ducting are available.

Automatic Spray Painting

Larger production rate requires paint to be dispensed through auto-guns mounted on reciprocators. This system is also supported with height, traverse control and component recognition system to optimize paint consumption and uniformity in the coating film. JP Engineering integrates this with internationally renowned application equipment companies.

Manual Spray Painting

This is a handgun operation used for lower volumes. Typically meant for requirements less than or equal to two manual operator systems. JP Engineering is working with internationally renowned application equipment companies to offer the customers the best possible optimum spray equipment.

Side Draft water wash booth

These are used for cylindrical, small geometry parts and profiles. These are offered with double water wash design. Air Pressurized installations are optional depending upon local conditions of a factory, plant location, quality parameters.

Down Draft central suction booth

Large W*L*H combination parts require painting for all sides. This is ideal for cubical parts. The incoming air flows all around the parts on conveyor/skid and capture the over-spray, carries it to central suction below the grating. Here, exhaust air is washed through water film, venturi and double water wash through the exhaust chamber.

The Air supply units are required to maintain safe effective air atmosphere in the plant area.

Major rejections in paint finishing line are due to imperfections caused by dust inclusion. This visual nuisance is often starting point for corrosion. Surfin recommends to eliminate dust inclusion right from the outset. Incoming air filtering process plays crucial role. Incoming air contains, dust particles which by reason of the individual particle size, causes damage to final paint film. It is well-known that particles above a size of 5 to 10 micron create visible paint film damage.

JP Engineering’s Process Engineering Team carefully designs pre-filter, washer stages and final filter in spray booth’s ceiling.

Dry Air Supply Units

Typically, used where outside is less dusty and has higher humidity.

Wet Air Supply Units

Suitable for dusty and dry ambient.

Temperature, Humidity controlled Air Supply Unit

These are typically used in PVDF Or PU paint applications requiring, stringent quality finish requirements.

The choice, size of evaporative cooling vis-à-vis chilled water coils, steam humidification and sensible cooling are carefully optimized by JP Engineering’s Process Engineering Team based on temperature humidity of plant location and ambient air.

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